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Invest from $1000, Receive Monthly Rental Income, enjoy Capital Growth, Exit any time!

Auckland Property Investments

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Unique way to buy New Zealand Residential Property, receive monthly Rental Income and enjoy Capital Appreciation at the same time - all this from only $1000 investment.

Returns between 8%-15% per year.

Sell Your share and Exit any time

Collect Monthly Rental Income


Select and Fund a Property

It Takes Only 3 Simple Steps to Invest

We provide in-depth information about the best performing real estate assets selected by our expert investors.

You can exit your investment  at any time and enjoy your dividend of Capital Appreciation.



You receive share of the Rental Income every month, you can withdraw or reinvest it at any time.

Funds are held on Public Trust account.

Your investment is ring fenced from the liabilities of Property Mogul.

We are working with the best solicitors, legal representatives to make your investment as safe and secure as possible.

Safe Way to Invest

Can I invest from abroad?

You receive at least 5% a year rental dividend plus an estimated 7% a year (or more) Capital Appreciation Dividend on exit of the investment.

Very high return? How?

Yes, the properties are let and fully managed by us. We can guarantee the returns due to the unique rental strategy we are successfully employing for years.

Some of the FAQs

Do you manage the property?

Yes, you can invest from any part of the world, but you might want to talk to your accountant about tax implications.

We offer investments in high Capital Growth areas, both Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and abroad.

Where are the investments located ?

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We have created the Property Mogul platform to help kiwi and foreigner investors  tap into emerging real estate markets that would otherwise require large upfront entry funds. On our platform you can invest from $1000 in Auckland and Wellington residential properties.

We are landlords and property investors as well. In fact, we are so confident in the investment possibilities we provide, that we invest in them ourselves too. Further, we are members of various NZ and UK property associations, successfully managing our own portfolios for many years. We are supporting Cancer Society New Zealand and you can meet up with us in Auckland or Wellington, We are always happy to chat about property!

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